April 27, 2014 Patch

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Source: Steph'nie' Community Announcement
Alpha Early Access, Release Version 0.4.0

Patch notes[edit]


What content you will find in this Alpha - Early Access

  • You can play any game with up to 6 AI players but only on continental maps. Boats will be added later
  • 4 factions out of 8 are available for you to choose from
  • 10 minor factions out of 15 to be incorporated to your empire
  • 4 eras and around 100 technologies to get from quests and research
  • Military victory condition
  • A few sample quests on top of the main Faction Quests
  • A 200-turn time limit after which the best score will win
  • A core AI that will simulate a bunch of leaders who probably skipped way too many courses and instead went brawling in their youth, Therefore, with such leaders we only went for basic diplomacy
  • A first pass at music and sound design; all soundtracks will be re-recorded later
  • The core battle system

What is missing[edit]

  • 4 additional playable factions (8 in the final game) and 5 additional minor factions (15 in the final game)
  • Multiplayer gameplay (8 players / simultaneous turns)
  • Custom factions and modding
  • Advanced AI for diplomacy, economy and warmongering
  • Naval transportation and map generation with several continents
  • Roads and Trade Routes
  • 2 additional Research Eras for a total of 6, with up to 40 extra technologies
  • Fully functional Diplomacy
  • A tutorial campaign
  • Additional victory conditions
  • Additional battle options
  • Varied unit abilities
  • Finished battle system
  • Lots of tuning and additions coming from players participating with us in GAMES2GETHER.