April 30, 2014 Patch

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Source: [Lt_Miles' Community Announcement]
Alpha Early Access, Release Version 0.4.3

Patch notes[edit]

Changes and Additions[edit]

  • Free extractors (from districts) count as real built extractors for the quest counts.
  • Slightly increased the size of unlocked units and the list of effects, to avoid scrollbars in most cases of the Minor Faction selection panel.
  • The Ending Reward of the Broken Lords Quest is now an Instant Heal after the battle.
  • A "Hidden" reward is never displayed to the Player in the quest journal as long the step is not completed.
  • Added pathfinding rule for city tiles (district and city centre):
    • The movement cost between 2 city tiles is fixed and override the initial movement cost of the terrain tile.
    • It is always possible to move from a city tile to another, regardless the altitude.
  • Removed Industry on Dry Soil terrain.
  • Decreased Luxury5 (Wine) bonus to CityApproval from 40 to 25.
  • Cavalry map movement decreased from 8 to 6.
  • Added the descriptor to improve bonus from forest for the Wild Walkers.
  • Added a "show location" button to the Encounter notification panel.
  • The resource which have not been discovered appear as "?" in the Region panel.
  • Performed some memory optimisations.

Important Fixes[edit]

  • Specifying access mode READ when opening the settings file. Failing to do so causes invisible/notforwarded/uncaught exceptions and prevents users from playing the game.


  • Fixed an issue where a unit does not get the unit ability from item when they are described in the base item. We still have to display the item ability in the unit design tooltip. Please see the People of Auriga PDF file for a description of the capacities.
  • Fixed an issue where a crash occurring when a constructible can be unlocked by 2 techs (which is forbidden for now).
  • Fixed an issue where Vaulters Teleport army action can be used while the booster is inactive.
  • Fixed an issue where "Fish Farm" and "Dust Dredger" river bonus is not applied on borough exploitation areas.
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading during the 4.0 Vaulters quest will cause the quest to complete when capturing any city.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3.1 Necrophages quest cannot be completed if the user loads the session.
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading the session resets the player's progress for the 6.1 Necrophage quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the player is not informed about the technology required to complete any 3.0 Wild Walkers quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the 7.1 Necrophages quest "Unatural born killers" can be completed without ending the turn by saving and loading the session.
  • Fixed an issue where no reward is offered when completing the last step in the necrophages faction quest.
  • Fixed an issue where cities that have been conquered can no longer be assaulted.
  • Fixed an issue where Ahote Zaltana hero icon is inconsistent in tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the pacified village tooltip displays wrong information in the region panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Pacified villages do not reduce the cost of minor faction units when trained.
  • Fixed an issue where resources are displayed inside the region panel even if the nodes have not been discovered.
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter does not reduce the vision for districts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter notification displays the vaulters empire bonus to all factions.
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing and restoring the battle notification causes the killed units to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the "pacification" reward disappears from the quest screen and notification after loading the session.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Eayah's Arm" and "Starblade" two-handed swords can be equipped at the same time than a shield.
  • Fixed an issue where the approval of the city is wrong when loading a save.
  • Fixed an issue where the army actions panel was hidden under the units list panel, after a reload with an enemy army selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the portrait of the Quest Heroes in the Quest screen and the Battle Unit Card is wrong.
  • Fixed an issue where the dead units are not displayed, after an encounter where one of the sides has lost all its units and if the player minimizes and restores the panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the buyout button is wrongly disabled in queue items when there is zero production from the city, even if all the other requirements are met.
  • Fixed an issue where the military power gauge is only looking at dead units in the Encounter notification panel.
  • Fixed several typos.