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FactionIconSmall.png Faction ForgottenIcon.png Forgotten
UnitSmall.png Unit Type Infantry.png Infantry
Base Attributes:
LifeIcon.png Life 74
AttackIcon.png Attack 26
InitiativeIcon.png Initiative 32
SpeedIcon.png Speed 4
DefenseIcon.png Defense 20
DamageIcon.png Damage 34
Ranged.png Range 1
SightIcon.png Sight 3
IndustrySmall.png Production 80

The Assassin is an infantry unit for the Forgotten. Two Assassins constitute the starting force for the Forgotten. They do not need to be researched and can be trained immediately after settling a city.


Though they are front line fighters, the Assassin excels in feints, stunts and quick knife work. It is said that they can get you in the dark and from behind, even under the desert's noonday sun.


Icon Name Effect
Stealth.png Stealth Can become invisible on all tiles if all units of the army have this ability.
Invisibility doesn't work against adjacent army or unit.
Fast1.png Fast 1 +1 battle movement BattleSpeedSmall.png.
DualWield.png Dual Wield Can equip 2 one-handed weapons
-50% attribute bonuses on the left handed weapon.
Acrobat.png Acrobat Can pass through opponent units.

Equipment Slots[edit]