Deep Diviner

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Deep Diviner
Deep Diviner.png
Faction VaultersIcon.png Vaulters
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Type Accessory.png Insignia
+6 InitiativeIcon.png on Units
Can be equipped by Vaulters heroes only
No capacities
StrategicIcon.png Resource 30 Titanium Color 256x256.PNG

The Deep Diviner is an Insignia exclusive to the Vaulters, received for completing Chapter 2 part 1 of their faction quest. The Deep Diviner is required to complete Chapter 4 of the Vaulters faction quest, as it needs to be equipped on a hero that inspects the ruins in part 2 of the chapter.


The size of a scepter, this gleaming blue cylinder is clearly the work of ancient peoples - or gods - in that it drains the influences of cold and ice from the armies of the empire and imprisons those effects within itself.