Demanding Gods

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Demanding Gods
Demanding Gods.png
Faction NecrophagesIcon.png Necrophages
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era II
Category EmpireandExpansionSmall.png Empire and Expansion
Type FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus ApprovalSmall.png Approval
Gives the ability to sacrifice 1 PopulationSmall.png from City Population
  • +30 ApprovalSmall.png on City during a limited time
  • Duration depends on PopulationSmall.png remaining in City and can be cumulated
  • +1 TurnSmall.png per PopulationSmall.png in City just before sacrifice
  • Cannot be used if siege on Empire

An Era II technology exclusive to the Necrophages which unlocks the ability to sacrifice a City's PopulationSmall.png population to gain a temporary boost to ApprovalSmall.png Approval. Upon unlocking this technology, the City Info panel will gain a new button placed between the Population counter and the Growth Stock progress bar. Upon pressing this button, 1 Population will be sacrificed and the city will get a +30 ApprovalSmall.png bonus. This bonus will last a number of turns equal to the total Population of the City (including PopulationSmall.png from pacified Villages) at the time of the sacrifice. Another sacrifice can be made before the effect from the previous one times out, and the duration of the effect will be extended by a number of turns equal to the population of the City.

If you play with the Endless Legend Community Patch, the duration scales with game speed as follows:
Fast: 1 turn per PopulationSmall.png
Normal: 2 turns perPopulationSmall.png
Slow: 3 turns perPopulationSmall.png
Endless: 4 turns perPopulationSmall.png


Hunger - for Food, recognition, or glory - can drive one to extreme behavior.