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Diplomacy can be a leader's greatest tool - knowing when to befriend others and when to declare war can be the difference between a successful empire and one that crumbles before its foes.

Diplomatic actions require a variable amount of Influence InfluenceIcon.png.

Peace treaties and alliances require research of specific technologies before becoming accessible.

Some actions, such as creation of trade treaties or alliances, require a state of Peace.

Diplomatic Actions


Declare War

Close Borders




Propose Truce (requires War)

Propose Peace Treaty (requires Diplomat's Manse, Cold War)

Propose Trade Agreement (requires Peace)

Propose Economic Agreement (requires Peace)

Propose Alliance (requires Hospitality Den, Peace)

Trade technology/resources (requires Peace)

Trade City (requires War)


Force Truce (Drakken only)

Force Peace (Drakken only)