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Dust (DustSmall.png) is a FIDSI resource used by all empires to purchase items in the marketplace, buy out city production, and maintain units, heroes, and city improvements. The Broken Lords additionally use it as a replacement for Food to generate population units.

Upkeep[edit | edit source]

Units cost 1 DustSmall.png to maintain per turn per level.

Each army costs additional DustSmall.png to maintain per turn equal to the maximum number of unit slots.

Each city improvement costs DustSmall.png to maintain per turn.

Buyout[edit | edit source]

Productions can be bought out (i.e. completed in 1 turn with the remaining IndustrySmall.png cost being paid for) for DustSmall.png. The cost for doing so is equal to

(remaining IndustrySmall.png cost)1.2

Retrofit[edit | edit source]

Units within their own territory can be retrofitted to their most recent version.

(0.75 * IndustrySmall.png cost)1.1

Generation[edit | edit source]

Per PopulationSmall.png[edit | edit source]

Source DustSmall.png per PopulationSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Base 4 - -
Dust Depository 4 - Era 3 improvement
Imperial News Network 2 On Happy Era 5 improvement
Economy and Population 1 3 - Empire Plan

The maximum with only improvements and Empire Plan is 13 DustSmall.png per PopulationSmall.png.

On tiles[edit | edit source]

Source DustSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Dust Dredger 2 On river in summer Era 1 Improvement
Dust Filtration 3 On water in summer Era 1 Improvement
Dust Revitalizer 5 On dust Era 5 improvement

Percentage modifiers[edit | edit source]

Source DustSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Empire Mint +15% - Era 1 improvement
Central Market +10% On Ecstatic Era 2 improvement
Dust Refinery +30% - Era 3 improvement
Town Criers +40% - Era 5 improvement
Dust-Driven Distillery +100% - Era 6 technology
Economy and Population 4 +25% - Empire Plan

Broken Lords[edit | edit source]

The Broken Lords use DustSmall.png to buy population instead of growing using FoodSmall.png. The cost is:

DustSmall.png cost of +1 PopulationSmall.png = 50 * (city PopulationSmall.png)1.1 + 2 * (empire PopulationSmall.png)1.1

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