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Dust Leecher

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Dust Leecher
Dust Leecher.png
Faction UrkansIconSmall.png Urkans
Urkans Fakir
Type FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus DustSmall.png Dust
While Urkan is rooted to a Region:
  • Own and allied Cities in neighboring Regions produce +20% Dust DustSmall.png
  • Enemy Cities in neighboring Regions produce -10% Dust DustSmall.png

An Urkan Training made available by controlling Fakir. Requires 15 of a random Tier 1 Luxury Resource to unlock. The change in Dust DustSmall.png production only applies to regions adjacent to Fakir, not the other Urkans.


While rooted to the earth, Fakir can sense and exploit veins of Dust by piggybacking on existing mycelial webs. By directing the flows, this knowledge can be extremely profitable - and damaging.