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The Endless Legend Community Patch (or ELCP) is a user-made patch by LeaderEnemyBoss that fixes many bugs, modifies the UI and attempts to improve the AI.

More information and a Download link can be found in it's thread on the official Amplitude forums: [1]

Below is a quote of the feature list from that thread, a full changelog can be found here: [2]

Feature List[edit]


  • The following mods are included and act as a base for many changes I made
  • "Improved AI" by ninakoru (link)
  • "Status Panel Fix" by Fluffiest (link)

General & UI

  • Allows the use of steam workshop mods without disabling Achievements
  • Hosts can set up Handicaps for individual players, increasing or decreasing their FIDSI income in cities
  • Allows modifying the default move speed of Armies, similar to how the battle speed can be altered (by morgoth)
  • Allows defining at which zoom level the detailed 3D World map transitions into the abstract map (by morgoth)
  • Selecting a Unit Design in a City's construction menu with the right or middle mouse button opens the Unit Designer
  • Selecting the Icon of a known living Empire on the End-Turn-Panel with the right or middle mouse button now opens the diplomatic Negotiation Screen with that Empire
  • Capacity list icons are now colored depending on the Capacity Provider (Unit Design, Hero specific or Item), Color coding can be configured in the game's UI options menu
  • Resource stock and income values between 1000 and 10000 are now truncated to one decimal place (Implemented by fellow modder Cornebre)
  • The Academy screen is sorted more sensible (Heros that need level ups or jobs are sorted to the front)
  • Assimilation effects are now displayed in the tooltip of Villages as well
  • By default Kapaku starting regions are assured to be volcanic (even if volcanic terrain is set to "none")


  • AI turn times in the late game are reduced significantly
  • In general the AI should be more challenging (without additional cheats!) and less apathetic, most notably on difficulties higher than normal
  • AI units will no actively try to move away from reinforcement locations (by morgoth)
  • The AI is significantly smarter about choosing settling locations
  • Heavily improved stockpile usage and how the AI fills its production queues, they should now build more efficiently
  • Reworked Resource-Market usage, AIs will buy what they need now (including stockpiles) and will no longer sell everything they cant use immediatly
  • Improved AI trading behavior, AIs cant be exploited as easily and will engage in trades on their own
  • Improved Urkan Management: AIs are smarter about obtaining, training and using Urkans
  • Improved AIs teching and and equipment choices
  • Improved diplomatic AI - AIs will be more proactive about diplomacy, the goal is to make block building and long lasting alliances more likely (ongoing)
  • Diplomatic and teching behavior is influenced by the Victory condition the AI currently pursues, AIs now do try to actively achieve Victory, and try to prevent others from doing so
  • Overhauled war logic, AIs will consider attacking and defending with stronger Armies, Armies can group up now and defend endangered cities
  • Improved encounter logic - AIs should be smarter when it comes to reinforcing, retreating and attacking (ongoing)
  • Experimental Quest solving logic (currently for some global Quests and the Victory questline)
  • Made many special case improvements to the Cultists behavior in order to make them more competitive
  • Improved spying and teching logic of the Forgotten to prevent them from falling behind so hard
  • Morgawr will now use their "dissent" and "catspaw" abilities deliberatly when they dont like you
  • Kapaki now place their golem camps smartly and know how to use their special industry boosters (they didnt before)
  • Vaulter and Mykara can use their respective teleport abilities
  • Drakken make use of their "Force Status" diplomatic abilities
  • Roving Clans may consider buying and using Privateers when they are rich enough
  • Reworked Pillar and Spell usage of the Ardent Mages
  • An Advanced World Setting "Replace Inland Seas" transforms oceans without Fortress access to Inland Waters (prevents AI spamming ships into small lakes)
  • ... and maaaaaaaany bugfixes

(non AI-)Bugfixes

  • Luxury Alchemists no longer increases the duration of stockpiles and infiltration actions
  • fixed an endless siege bug, also sieges are no longer canceled if a besieging army leaves the besieged city but there are still others present
  • Hovering over the "End Turn"-Button no longer reveals scores of other empires, if score display is set to "partial" or "none"
  • Players can now only dismantle buildings if they have full ownership over a (recently conquered) city
  • Fixed Sacrifice Population (Necrophages) not scaling with game speed


  • Forgotten: "Dust Opportunist" was buffed and the possible range of stolen Dust is displayed in its tooltip
  • Mykara: too many buffs to list, also made peaceful play with them less limiting, as Symbiosis traits can now also be aquired peacefully with a special diplomatic city trade action!
  • Urkans have been made considerably weaker in order to make them less of a "must have" game winner
  • Activating a Luxury Booster when that Booster is already active now only resets the time instead of adding it on top
  • Made the second Necrophage quest a bit easier
  • Broken lords have an easier time doing early quests, 10% cheaper pop buyout, dust bishops of more initiative
  • Increased the Influence cost of "Catspaw" for Fomorian Armies by about 50%
  • Diplomatic, Economic and Wonder Victory are harder to achieve, Victory Warning appear earlier
  • Oceans yield less strategic and luxury resources in the early game, less FIDSI overall, and many facilities got nerfed
  • Increased HP loss when retreating to 60%
  • Reduced Damage and HP bonus of Serum of Iteru by 50%
  • Mercenary Corps/Freelance Guards now also reduce the Buyout cost of Mercenaries and Heros by 20%
  • Increased the market value of Stockpiles (for buying and selling!)
  • Decreased construction costs of stockpiles across the board
  • Marketban can not be reused for two turns after removal
  • Force Truce can not be used for 5 turns if a Drakken has started the war
  • Introduced multiplicative stacking for Production Cost Reduction and Buyout Cost Reduction (Buildings and Units)
  • This basically means, that stacking these reductions gets less effective the more you do it, 100% reductions are no longer reachable


  • Units can only be sold in owned territory (withing borders, owned fortresses or converted villages)

The following settings can be configured in the pre game options:

  • Removed the ability to conquer cities and fortresses (whose region are owned by the target) of blackspot victims without declaring war
  • Stockpiles are "fused together" when being upgraded
  • Added a new ruleset for how Diplomatic Points from treaties accumulate, they are now buffered and get transferred each turn instead of all at once (prevents instant Diplomatic-Victories via treaty spam)
  • Introduced a new optional feature: progressive tech trade costs - The Influence cost of tech trading in creases the more often you do it
  • Introduced a new rule-set for Fortification Armor and when it applies
  • Allows Fortification Armor to be applied when attacking out of a besieged City (see [This Link] for more inofrmation)


  • the Debug command "/Autoturn" is now available for modders to use (useful for testing AI behaviour)
  • new cheat commando: "/ShowMeTheStockpiles" (player gets the specified amount of each stockpile, 10 by default)
  • New Debug-Command: "/Teleport" teleports the selected army to a world coordinate of the players choice
  • The god cursor ("G") now shows the current world position
  • With modding tools enabled, selecting a technology in the Research Screen while pressing the "G"-Key instantly unlocks that technology