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The Endless Legend Wiki was built from the ground up as a personal project in hopes that other lovers of the game will feel the excitement and want to contribute towards a wonderful game.

There's a crazy lot of depth to this game, and so there's unlimited development to be had. Thanks to Reddit, and the Official Forums some people who were really serious about the game are adding all sorts of depth to help new players learn how to play the game more efficiently.

If you know anything about the game, or see an error, feel free to edit the page, or add a new one! Here's to a long development and ongoing success of the game!

Edit: As of October, 2014, editing has been restricted to members of the wiki due to excessive trolling / undoing of hard work put in by others. If you would like to join our team of creative Endless Legend players, please add Atonement on Steam on steam for an account. ^.^ ~~Kali