Freelance Guards

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Freelance Guards
Freelance Guards.png
Faction RovingClansIcon.png Roving Clans
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Era II
Category MilitaryIcon.png Military
Type MilitaryIcon.png Army Action
Focus PrivateersSmall.png Privateers
Unlocks Privateers
Armies composed exclusively of mercenaries can carry a neutral flag, preventing other empires (even allies) from knowing which empire owns them
Armies of privateers have an increased upkeep

An Era II technology exclusive to the Roving Clans which grants the ability to convert an army made up of Mercenaries to Privateers, which appear to all other factions as a roaming army. However, Privateers will have an increased upkeep cost, and cannot perform the Bribe, Parley, or Search army actions.

This technology replaces the Mercenary Corps technology that is available to every other faction in Era IV.


The idea of turning troops not needed for caravan defense into flagless mercenaries is logical. After all, they are needed to protect the Clans' long-term commercial interests.