Healing Secretion

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Healing Secretion
Healing Secretion.png
Faction UrkansIconSmall.png Urkans
Urkans Kazar
Type FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus MilitaryIcon.png Military
While Urkan is in Army Form:
  • Allied Units in the same Region have +20% Defense DefenseIcon.png
  • Allied Units in the same Region have +20% Life Regen LifeIcon.png

An Urkan Training made available by controlling Kazar. Requires 15 of a random Tier 1 Luxury Resource to unlock. The bonus to Defense DefenseIcon.png and Health Regen LifeIcon.png only applies to units in the same region as Kazar, not the other Urkans.


Urkans secrete a complex pheromone, which when correctly treated can aide nearby armies defenses and regeneration. The effect is thought to be connected to symbiotic relationships between normally-warring bacteria.