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Influence (InfluenceIcon.png) is a FIDSI resource used to perform diplomatic actions and implement empire plan policies.


Per PopulationSmall.png[edit]

Source InfluenceIcon.png per PopulationSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Base 2 - -
Glory of Empire 1 - Era 2 improvement
National Museum 2 - Era 3 improvement
Aura of Empire 4 - Era 5 improvement
Imperial News Network 1 On Happy Era 5 improvement

The maximum with only improvements is 10 InfluenceIcon.png per PopulationSmall.png.

On tiles[edit]

Source InfluenceIcon.png Conditions Unlock
National Museum 2 On city or district Era 3 improvement
Aura of Empire 15 On level 2 district Era 5 improvement
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