July 18, 2014 Patch

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Source: Amplitude Developer Blog
Beta Early Access, Release Version 0.5.14

Patch Notes[edit]

Changes and Additions[edit]

  • Added the flying behaviors.
  • Added the Game Difficulty options.
  • Added the Game Speed options.
  • Added new Victory Conditions (science, economy, expansion, annihilation, diplomacy).
  • Added Victory alert notifications.
  • The turn limit in normal speed is now 300 instead of 200.
  • Reduced the requirements of the next Era (8 unlocked technologies instead of 10).
  • Reduced the requirements of the Necrophage recycling (8 cadavers instead of 10).
  • Changed the calculation of the Bribe’s cost.
  • Removed base assimilation gain and increased max assimilation gain from 5 to 6 max.
  • Increased the empire plan costs.
  • Reduced XP gain from hero skill (skill level 3: from +2 to +1 XP per turn).
  • Kazanji assimilation bonus is now a percentage instead of a flat value.


  • Added Army Action Points. All units start with 1 AAP. The following army actions cost 1 AAP: Attack, Search, Bribe, Parley, Privateers.
  • Unsalable units cannot be sold/disbanded anymore. Added the "unsalable" tag to all settlers.
  • Increased the upkeep of units (now equal to their level).


  • Added spectator mode as battle representation mode. In this mode, the user does not need to give inputs to skip deployment and targeting phases.
  • Improved the targeting behavior of support units :
  • Added a new weight parameter to count how many identical units are already targeting a unit.
  • Added a new weight parameter to count how many effects a support unit provide are still applied on another one.
  • After a support attack, the unit loose(sic) its targeting intention to avoid targeting the same ally twice.
  • Added multi targeting system:
    • If the player decides to target a unit, he can give a preferred position to perform the associated attack.
    • If the player decides to target a position, he can give a preferred target for a opportunity attack.
    • The two targeting intentions are display at the same time. (sic)
    • Two modes of control:
      • Drag the mouse from the main target/position to the secondary position/target.
      • Select the main target/position and, maintaining Ctrl select the secondary position/target.


  • The transactions are regrouped by turn in the exchange info panel of the Marketplace.
  • Added more colors and the faction logo for each transaction.
  • Added empire filters in the exchange info panel.
  • Removed the confirmation message when selling goods.


  • Balanced relation score modifiers and warning/gratify costs.
  • Diplomatic costs are now relative to cities instead of eras.


  • Added GFX on Wands.


  • Added a feedback for technologies granted by quests or factions in the Research screen.
  • Removed the Academy link from the Military screen. Added a link to the Academy in the Control Banner.
  • Moved the Game options menu near the End turn button.
  • Improved the feedback of turn's end.
  • When a village is pacified (whether destroyed or not), its label is displayed with a flag (color of the region’s Empire or white if no one has colonized the region).
  • Added a title for each Hero Skill category.
  • Added a tooltip on the Unit capacities (work in progress).
  • Added a notification when a quest fails.

Other Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where the battle effects applied on units (used by GUI) were not properly updated during the battle.
  • Fixed an issue where a quest village does not pacify the minor faction as quest reward.
  • Fixed an issue where armor gauge is not displayed for reinforcements.
  • Fixed an issue where the "show location" button on the battle notification is not functional.
  • Fixed an issue where the automated governors do not remove population from food when building settlers.
  • Fixed an issue where Necrodrone Disease capacity heals enemy targets instead of damaging them.
  • Fixed an issue where other Ardent Mage pillars stop granting bonus FIDS after a pillar expires.
  • Fixed an issue where “Select next idle army” button does not refresh properly after an army finishes its movement.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips are not triggered correctly in the research screen when camera is zoomed out.
  • Fixed an issue where, if the player dismisses an assimilated faction, s/he will still be able to create new designs based on the minor faction template.
  • Fixed an issue where roads are not redeployed when a city is received through diplomatic treaties.
  • Fixed an issue where the research screen view position is not reset to the first era after starting a new session.
  • Fixed an issue where the trade routes are not active after the player uses the "Setseke" action and then resettles the cities.


  • Fixed an issue where clients receive and assert message and desync the session when inspecting the heroes market tab.
  • Fixed an issue where a skippable assert is displayed each turn for clients during multiplayer sessions while the save game has no functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to invite friends to private multiplayer sessions through the lobby invite is available but not functional.


  • Fixed an issue where Roving Clans Chapter 5 step 2 quest cannot be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Roving Clans Chapter 4 faction quest does not have a counter in the Quest Objectives section.
  • Fixed an issue where Vaulters Chapter 4 Step 1 quest does not complete if the city is received through diplomacy.
  • Fixed an issue where region names in the "Quest objectives" and quest notifications do not update when a player changes the name of the region.
  • Fixed an issue where the army spawned during step 2 of chapter 6 for the Broken Lords "Machines of the ancients" quest remains stationary on the adventure map.