Luxury Resource Facility

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Luxury Resource Facility
Luxury Resource Facility.png
Revealed ResearchIcon.png Era I, III, & IV
Type Facility
Focus CategoryLuxurySmall.png Resources
+1 CategoryLuxurySmall.png from [Luxury Resource] Facility
+1 InfluenceIcon.png from [Luxury Resource] Facility
+1 ScienceSmall.png from [Luxury Resource] Facility.

Luxury Resource Facilities produce a given strategic resource every turn, similar to Luxury Resource Extractor, regardless of whether or not the owner has researched the appropriate technology; for example, it is possible to collect Dye from a Dye Facility without having researched Open-Pit Mine. This makes Strategic Resource Facilities one of the quickest ways to attain new luxury resources in the game, since they will start producing as soon as the facility is revealed; the owner doesn't even need to be in the same technological Era as the appropriate extraction technology, since the facilities are revealed as soon as any empire reaches the appropriate Era.

Additionally, the output of Luxury Resource Facilities can be increased by 50% by controlling the ocean region that facility is located in, and by another 50% for controlling the Luxury Boost Facility. These bonuses are multiplicative, making the maximum possible output of a Luxury Resource Facility 2.25 CategoryLuxurySmall.png per TurnSmall.png.

Luxury Resource Facilities - along with Strategic Resource Facilities - are not considered "unique", and are therefore the most common type of facility.


Facilities, like this one that mines [Luxury Resource], are platforms that provide bonuses and resource exploitation. You can never know how much will be exploited by the fortress.