No More Ties

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No More Ties
No More Ties.png
Faction MorgawrSmall.png Morgawr
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Category ScienceandIndustry.png Science and Industry
Type FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus IndustrySmall.png Industry
+1 IndustrySmall.png on ground tiles
+1 ScienceSmall.png on ground tiles
+2 SpeedIcon.png on ground tiles
+1 BattleSpeedSmall.png on ground tiles

An Era IV technology exclusive to the Morgawr which increases the Industry and Science of ground tiles, as well as increasing the speed of units on land. It is unlocked by completing Chapter 8 of the Morgawr faction quest.


As the Morgawr grow more powerful, their mental strength and physical enhancements allow them to cut the ties that bind them to the water.