November 19, 2015 Patch

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Release Version 1.3.0 - Forges of Creation

Patch 1.3.0[edit]


Echoes of Auriga[edit]

  • Added 9 musical items (2D reskins of basic items) when the "Echoes of Auriga" content pack is enabled.
  • Added 7 new soundtracks (played during Summer and/or Winter) composed by FlybyNo to the playlist of Endless Legend when the "Echoes of Auriga" content pack is enabled:
    • War of the Sundered (Gravity Well Remix).
    • Way of the Forerunner.
    • Under the Threshold.
    • Glassteel.
    • SkyGlade.
    • Pillars of Dust.
    • FlameSear.

The Lost Tales[edit]

  • Added 20 new quests focusing the Minor Factions of Auriga when the "Lost Tales" content pack is enabled. Some of them are triggered once the faction assimilated.

Classic, Guardians, and Shadows[edit]

  • Added the support of Steam Workshop [G2G].
  • Several mods can be loaded for a same game now, via the mods compilation feature.
  • Added the support of .tmx files format, allowing the creation of word maps by modders. World maps can be created with Tiled software, and imported in Endless Legend via a mod.
  • Added an exportation tool of the 3D meshes and textures of the units of Endless Legend, available via the --enablemoddingtool launch option.
  • Added a new outgame view, featuring the Ardent Mages faction [ G2G].
  • Added the Scyther unit, which can be searched, or quest rewarded, when the first Guardian appears on Auriga [ G2G] (Guardians only). Created by the Endless in their purge of Auriga - and of any power that might withstand them - the Scythers were designed with one goal in mind: To destroy any beings whose strength derived from Dust.
  • Added Kugua, a Sister of Mercy hero available on the Market Place, with her dedicated skill tree [ G2G]. One of only a handful who bear the title "Valete", Kugua earned this honorary rank through selfless dedication during the Red Pestilence.
  • Added 20 new items [G2G]:
    • 18 Bracelet Unit items adding, among other bonuses, these new abilities: Minor Faction Slayer, Last Resort and Group Cohesion.
    • 2 new Hero items: "Nwere" and Ziiri's Band (Shadows only).
  • Added 7 new faction traits to be used in the creation of custom factions [ G2G]:
    • Dreams of Glory, Reduces production cost of new Settler units.
    • Who Can Do More Can Do Less, Reduces Research cost for Technologies of previous Eras.
    • Rest and Relaxation, Speeds regeneration of Unit health in city Garrisons.
    • Westward Ho!, Reduces Approval penalties caused by empire expansion.
    • Surreptitious Skills, Lowers cost of Infiltration actions (Shadows only).
    • Shipyard, Era 2 Technology available at start.
    • Diplomat's Manse, Era 2 Technology available at start.
  • Added the Dust to Dust trailer (can be disabled in the game options).
  • Added an in-game feedback when the --enablemoddingtools mode is enabled.
  • Added Era number to the tooltip used by Technology faction traits.
  • Updated the World Generator (added a new algorithm of ground regions -- they should be more balanced).