Organized Labor

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Organized Labor
Organized Labor.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained ResearchIcon.png Research Era IV
Category ScienceandIndustry.png Science and Industry
Type Stockpile.png Stockpile
Focus FoodSmall.png Food
+1000 FoodSmall.png on Food Stockpiles FoodSmall.png.
+1000 IndustrySmall.png on Industry Stockpiles IndustrySmall.png.
+1000 ScienceSmall.png on Science Stockpiles ScienceSmall.png.
Unlocks Cannery, Industrial Zone, and Royal University for construction.

Organized Labor is an Era IV technology which increases the amount of resources provided by FoodSmall.png Food, IndustrySmall.png Industry, and ScienceSmall.png Science Stockpiles by 1000. It also enables the production of these stockpiles within cities via the Cannery, Industrial Zone, and Royal University constructions, which can be repeated indefinitely.

If Unskilled Labor has been researched, then these constructions will replace those provided by Unskilled Labor, however, because the cost of producing stockpiles with the Cannery, Industrial Zone, or Royal University is the same whether Unskilled Labor has been researched or not, it is recommended to research Unskilled Labor anyway to get the +500 bonus to stockpiles.

Additionally, researching Organized Labor will increase the IndustrySmall.png industry cost of the Pearls of Plenty, Pearls of Production, and Pearls of Wisdom stockpile constructions unlocked via the Pearl Hoarding Blessing by 1000 IndustrySmall.png.


Guilds are created to handle the management of surplus conserved foods, industrial materials, and scientific equipment, resulting in efficient use of excess goods.