Patriotic Propaganda

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Patriotic Propaganda
Patriotic Propaganda.png
Faction FactionIconSmall.png All
Obtained DeedIcon.png Legendary Deed
Category EmpireandExpansionSmall.png Empire and Expansion
Type FactionIconSmall.png Empire
Focus ApprovalSmall.png Approval
-50% expansion disapproval generation on cities

An Era V technology that reduces the expansion disapproval of cities by 50%. It is acquired by completing the Beloved of the People Legendary Deed, which is available to complete once any empire reaches Era V. Once an empire in the game unlocks this technology by completing the deed, it cannot be obtained by any other empire.


The size and success of your empire has made all of Auriga envious. Your own people, basking in the light of your love (and wealth), are eager to follow you without hesitation.