Recycled Stockpile

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Recycled Stockpile
Recycled Stockpile.png
Resource FoodSmall.png Food
+120 FoodSmall.png on city.

Recycled Stockpiles are FoodSmall.png Food Stockpiles produced by factions with the Recycling faction trait, most notably the Necrophages.

Recycled Stockpiles are generated by defeating units; 1 Recycled Stockpile is generated for every 8 units killed in battle - including friendly units - as long as the battle does not end in defeat. The amount of food provided by Recycled Stockpiles does not increase when Unskilled Labor and Organized Labor are researched as other stockpiles do, making Recycled Stockpiles a less viable source of food as the game progresses.


This is a stockpile of various recycled stuffs, to be used one time to boost a city's Food points.