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Science (ScienceSmall.png) is a FIDSI resource. It is used to research new technologies. The Forgotten cannot see/gather/use ScienceSmall.png; Instead, technologies can be bought out with DustSmall.png Dust


City Improvements[edit]

Per PopulationSmall.png[edit]

Source ScienceSmall.png per PopulationSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Base 4 - -
Advanced Alchemy Lab 3 - Era 3 improvement
Large-scale Aquatic Center 2 - Era 3 improvement
Imperial News Network 2 On Happy Era 5 improvement

The maximum with only improvements is 11 ScienceSmall.png per PopulationSmall.png.

On tiles[edit]

Source ScienceSmall.png Conditions Unlock
Geomic Labs 2 On science Era 1 improvement
Advanced Alchemy Lab 3 On city or district Era 3 improvement
Cryometric Monitors 15 On anomaly Era 3 improvement, one per empire
Large-scale Aquatic Center 3 On water Era 3 improvement
Hydromatic Laboratory 3 On river Era 3 improvement
Imperial Funding 5 On science Era 4 improvement
Science and Industry 3 2 On district Empire Plan

 Approval Percentage Modifiers[edit]

Empire Approval has an effect on the generated science as well.

State ApprovalSmall.png Approval ScienceSmall.png Modifier
Rebellion 0-10 -50%
Unhappy 11-39 -20%
Content 40-59 +0%
Happy 60-89 +15%
Fervent 90-100 +30%

Empire-wide Percentage Modifiers[edit]

Source ScienceSmall.png Notes
Haunts Village +5% per pacified village of assimilated faction
Difference Engine (VI) +100%
VaultersIcon.png Titanium Color 256x256.PNG Titanium Holy Resource Booster +20% 10 turns; Vaulters/Mezari Faction
VaultersIcon.png Hyperium Color 256x256.PNG Hyperium Holy Resouce Booster +15% 10 turns; Vaulters/Mezari Faction
Moonleaf Booster +50% 10 turns
DustOrchid Grey 256x256.png Dust Orchid Booster +20% 10 turns





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