Science Stockpile

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Science Stockpile
Science Stockpile.png
Resource ScienceSmall.png Science
+100 ScienceSmall.png on Empire.

A Stockpile which provides a given amount of Science to the Empire. The base amount of Science is 100 ScienceSmall.png, but researching Unskilled Labor and Organized Labor will raise this amount by 500 ScienceSmall.png and 1000 ScienceSmall.png respectively.

The empire can only experience the benefits of one Science Stockpile per turn; applying multiple Science Stockpiles one turn will result in the empire receiving the benefit of a Science Stockpile for a number of turns equal to the number of stockpiles used.

The Forgotten are unable to use Science Stockpiles.


This is a store of tomes, experiments, and equipment that can be used one time to boost a city's Science points.