Sky-Shaker Facility

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Sky-Shaker Facility
Sky-Shaker Facility.png
Revealed ResearchIcon.png Era V
Type Facility
Focus WeatherSmall.png Weather
Gives the ability to deregulate the Weather on Sea Tiles
+10 DustSmall.png from Sky-Shaker Facility
+1 InfluenceIcon.png from Sky-Shaker Facility

The Sky-Shaker Facility gives the controlling Empire the ability to change the Weather on the seas of Auriga. The controlling Empire can select a weather preset from a drop-down list upon selecting the Fortress that has the Sky-Shaker Facility; upon selecting a preset other than "None", the majority of Sea Tiles on Auriga will experience the selected weather for 10 turns starting on the next turn, but the effects may be interrupted by the changing of the seasons.

A new weather preset cannot be selected until the previously-selected effect has ended.


When activated, the air and water tremble as great waves and winds affect the seas, the temperature, and the atmosphere.