Spheroid of Drakken Lore

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Spheroid of Drakken Lore
Spheroid of Drakken Lore.png
Faction DrakkenIcon.png Drakken
Obtained QuestIcon.png Faction Quest
Type Accessory.png Insignia
Can be equipped by Drakken heroes only
AbilityInspiringLeader3Small.png Inspiring Leader 3
AbilityArmyVisionRangeBoost3Small.png Army Vision Range Boost 3
StrategicIcon.png Resource 130 DustSmall.png

The Spheroid of Drakken Lore is an Insignia exclusive to the Drakken, received for completing Chapter 4 of their faction quest. It must be equipped on a Drakken hero while searching ruins in order to complete Chapter 7 of the Drakken faction quest.


This strange orb seems to be a globe of Dust etched with Drakken figures. The closer one looks, however, the more it seems to be made of an infinitely detailed layering of models, texts, and diagrams.