The Day of the Awakening

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Quest Text[edit]

It has happened every year, for as long as the records have been kept. The places built by the people that first lived here glow and hum in the pale blue light of dawn, and continue these strange emanations for an entire day. Every Nation has its traditions and its tales; while one may view it as a holy occurrence or a time of remembrance, others may simply take the illuminated ruins as glowing "Loot Me" signs. Regardless, with the activation of the ruins there is also the presence of a being who seems tied to them. Whether this spirit is protecting them, cataloging them, or repairing them, it would certainly be of interest to learn its secrets.


The annual Awakening is upon you; search the illuminated ruins to learn more of the guardian who haunts them. also in the annual awaking the people did not think as if it was something bad but it was also special!


1. Search a number of Ruins to discover the secret of the entity that haunts them. Reward: resources

2. Your interruption offends the strange guardian that haunts the ruins! You must defeat it to gain control over it. Reward: Eslek Tarosh


Respecting your strength, Eslek Tarosh joins you. More a researcher than a guardian, for millennia it has collected information from the ruins and studied the changes impacting Auriga.

Other Info[edit]

This quest appears when you start a new game during Endless Day(s), the anniversary of Amplitude Studios' founding (roughly 3rd weekend in January). It causes ruins to have ghostly blue arches appear over them on the map. Completing the quest unlocks Eslek Tarosh as a reward, and allows Tarosh to appear randomly on the Hero Market. Note: The event exists across (as of Jan 2016) all 3 of Amplitude's Endless games, and if you miss the event time window, you can fool the game by turning your computer's calendar back (

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