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Weather is a phenomenon that was introduced in the Tempest expansion, with the addition of another type of weather in the Inferno expansion. When introduced in Tempest, weather was a number of temporary terrain effects that would be present on sea and ocean tiles that could help or hinder units on that tile both on the world map and in battle. The additional type of weather that was introduced in Inferno - the Dust Blizzard - can occur on land as well, but will only occur during a Dust Eclipse.

A given weather phenomenon typically occurs in clusters of a few tiles, sometimes a dozen or more, and will either briefly appear then disappear almost at random, or can move across sections of the map almost like a weather front, but generally the behavior of weather is unpredictable, and should be constantly monitored for effective navigation and combat on the seas. One thing that can make this easier is by controlling the Sky-Shaker Facility that may appear attached to a Fortress in Era V. This facility allows the owner to select a weather type, and for the next ten turns, the vast majority of the ocean will have that type of weather occupy it. This effect can be cut short by a seasonal change though.

The weather effects that can be encountered are as follows:

Name Image World Effects Battle Effects Art Lore
Lightning LightningPicture.png -45% Life LifeIcon.png at the end of the turn -15% Life LifeIcon.png at the beginning of the round LightningArt.png As lightning on Auriga consists of electrical storms augmented by the energies of Dust, it can damage even the strongest of ships.
Fog FogPicture.png Fleet can see without being seen +50% Defense DefenseIcon.png against ranged attack FogArt.png Though not dangerous itself the fog of Auriga is dense, and little can be seen of the surrounding ocean.
Seaweed SeaweedPicture.png Increases Movement Cost to 3 Increases Movement Cost to 3
-30% Defense DefenseIcon.png
SeaweedArt.png Great clumps and beds of seaweed appear naturally on the seas, creating drag on ship hulls and slowing them down.
Rain RainPicture.png +50% Army Upkeep -3 Morale Morale.png RainArt.png The rain of Auriga is harsh and falls hard. The metal ships and their crews, trapped in this deluge, are troubled by costly upkeep and low morale.
Turbulence TurbulencePicture.png Reduces Movement Cost to 0.5 Reduces Movement Cost to 0.5
-30% Attack AttackIcon.png
TurbulenceArt.png The winds of Auriga can be fierce, and brave - or foolhardy - mariners who take advantage of them can move more quickly.
Dust Blizzard DustBlizzardPicture.png Army can see without being seen +50% Defense DefenseIcon.png against ranged attack
-30% Attack AttackIcon.png
DustBlizzardArt.png During Dust Eclipses, some areas of Auriga become enshrouded in Dust blizzards providing opportunities for stealth and subterfuge.